About Us

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation - TPDC Is the Tanzanian State corporation through which the Ministry of Energy and Minerals implements its petroleum exploration anddevelopment policies. TPDC has a manpower strength of about 130 and is organised into five directorates, namely: Exploration, Production and Technical services, Finance and Administration, Managing Diractor, Internal Auditing, Marketing and Investiment. The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation was established under the Public Corporations Act No.17 through the Government NoticeNo.140 of 30th May 1969. The Corporation began operations in 1973. TPDC is a wholly owned Government parastatal, with all the shares held by the Treasury Registrar.

The objectives of the Corporation as laid down in the TPDC. (Establishment Order), inter alia:

  • To explore and produce petroleum
  • To carry out standard activities of an oil company including, distribution and storage facilities
  • To hold exploration and production rights
  • To contract, hold equity or participate in oil concessions, franchises and licenses
  • To manage parastatals or other legal entities transferred to the corporation
  • To develop an adequate industrial base for the oil industry


TPDC holds shares in the Songo Songo Gas-to-Electricity and Mnazi Bay gas development projects. Following the Government's resolve not to involve itself in business activities, the shareholding in the TIPER terminal, the oil companies (BP, ORYX) and TAZAMA have to been transferred to the Ministry of Finance.


To become a leading integrated National Oil and Gas Company competing nationally, regionally and globally in an environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of all stakeholders.


To participate and engage in the exploration, development, production and distribution of oil and gas and related services; facilitate a fair trading environment; safeguard the national supply of petroleum products; at the same time developing quality and safety standards to protect people, property and the environment.

Functions of the Corporation:

The roles of TPDC as defined by the July 2006 announcement by the Government are:

To promote and monitor the exploration for oil and gas

To develop and produce oil and gas

To conduct research and development of the oil and gas industry in the country

To manage the exploration and production data

To advise the Government on petroleum related issues

To market and sell natural gas under PSA arrangement

To undertake the management of strategic fuel reserves and

To undertake trading in petroleum products