Historical Background:.

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation - TPDC When TPDC was formed in 1969, the primary role was to oversee the operations of AGIP, the only concession holder then working in the country. Following the discovery of the Songo Songo Gas field, and subsequent relinquishment by AGIP, TPDC undertook the confirmation of the gas field, and eventual appraisal. It is now geared to the development of the field as well as exploration in other basins in the country. In the interim, TPDC undertook the function of the sole importer of both white and crude petroleum products and marketing. With the onset of economic liberalization, the oil marketing operations ceased in the year 2000. The mandate of the corporation has remained essentially the same, to spearhead, facilitate and undertake oil exploration and development in Tanzania. In the year 2000, TPDC launched exploration activities in the deep-sea area. The web site highlights the activities undertaken by TPDC and provides basic information, in a nutshell on facts and figures relating to hydrocarbon exploration and prospects in Tanzania. The Background page highlights on the TPDC's mandate as depicted in the Government Establishment Order of 1969. The page on Exploration Activities summarizes the petroleum exploration history of Tanzania, providing an outline of database currently available to explorationists. The page offers a summary of regional geology, stratigraphy, petroleum prospects of the country and information of ongoing exploration activities. Currently the website includes Information on the Songo Songo Gas-to-Electricity project as well as the Mnazi Bay project. We hope you will find the information provided helpful and once again thank you for visiting the TPDC website